Principles of Dodai Fusion Therapy

One of the principle philosophies of Dodai Fusion Therapy is the interaction of the five major components of the body:

Physical/Structural: Your skeletal structure, bones, muscles, ligaments, etc
Mental/Emotional: Your thought processes, emotions, beliefs and values
Electrical/Meridians:  Your energy systems, flow of energy, and nervous system 
Chemical: Your hormones, digestive system and the food you eat
Environmental: The toxicity of your body as a result of our environment.  

None of these work in isolation. An example would be how mental anxiety leads to physical tension in a part of the body such as the neck and shoulders. As everything within the body is linked, in Dodai Fusion Therapy we would always consider the body as a whole rather than just the symptoms. By treating the whole person, all the elements will be able to work together to regain health, function and balance.

Dodai Fusion Therapy is based on traditional meridian concepts, i.e., the smooth flow of energy (Qi) through the meridian channels and structural balance and healthy lifestyle.